Multi Stores Online System

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Smart Online Multi Store & Order Delivery System with Web Panels and mobile applications.

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This is Smart Online Multi Store & Order Delivery System. This system is consist of Super Admin Web Panel, Store Manager Web Panel and Three Mobile Applications (Customers App, Store Manager App and Delivery Boy App).

Super Admin Web Panel features with Add Products, Manage Products, Add Categories, Add Sub-Categories, Approve/Reject Products add by Store Manager, Add Areas, Add Store Managers and more.

Store Manager Web Panel Includes features like Add Products, Add Stock, View Orders, Manage Orders, Add Delivery Boy, View Reports and more.

Customer Mobile App in which customers can place an order or list of orders.

Delivery Boy Mobile App in which delivery boy collect the order from store and dispatch to customers.

Store Manager Mobile App in which he add products, see orders, assign orders to delivery boy and many more features.

Multi Stores Online System

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